Strawberry Lip Balm Flavor


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Strawberry Lip Balm Flavor

100% Natural

New Strawberry Lip Balm Flavor Oil by Allure aromatics will give you a delicious feeling on your lips with loads of strawberry flavor!

This natural lip balm flavor is oil-soluble and free of artificial sweeteners.

Suitable for use in lip balms, lip butters, lip creams, lip glosses, or lipsticks.

Common Uses/Directions:

We recommend adding between 1 and 5% (200 to 1,000 drops per 1000 ml). Exceeding this amount may destabilize bonds between the ingredients, causing the lip balm base to lose some of its smooth feel and it may create a burning sensation when used on the lips.

Shelf Life:

Our top-quality lip balm flavors are made fresh and have a minimum of 6 months of shelf life. We only supply our flavor oils in glass bottles with a tamper evident dropper cap to extend shelf life and reduce spillage.

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